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As a main result of the project, various products have been created. These materials can help to build up and strengthen resilience in tourism destinations.

Destination Resilience Analysis Guideline

This guideline offers conceptual background information on resilience and sustainability, a detailed description of our 5-step methodology for resilience building and good-practice examples from the project destinations.


A summary of the guideline with practical approaches to increase resilience can be found in our overview brochure, which is available in English, German and Spanish.


Destination Manuals

Background information on the project destinations, approaches used and experiences from implementing the resilience analysis can be found in our destination manuals. These manuals will provide you with destination- and risk-specific insights on building resilience in the Dominican Republic, Namibia und Sri Lanka.


Lastly, our destination flyers provide a concise summary of the activities carried out in the project destinations. These will provide you with practical examples on how the analysis can be carried out and give further insights into the destination specific approaches and results.